The 3 Best Trucks for Tailgating

In Texas, there’s nothing bigger than football, and with another season just around the corner, everybody across the state, including San Antonio, is looking for the perfect tailgating solution for college ball. Nothing makes Saturdays more fun than loading up your truck with food and friends and getting ready for the game in style. Fortunately, some great trucks make tailgating easier than ever before, allowing you to enjoy football season to the fullest extent possible.

Honda Ridgeline

New for this year and the first on our list of best tailgate trucks is the Honda Ridgeline. There are a lot of great features that make this truck perfect for your next tailgate party, but the one that you’ll go crazy for is the lockable trunk with a conveniently removable drain plug. While all the other tailgaters are trying to find a way to haul their coolers full of ice and beverages, you have a built-in option that lets you easily drain off any water after the game is over and you’re wrapping up that last round of cornhole. Also, if you live a good distance from the Alamodome, your front-seat passengers will ride in complete comfort the entire way.

Ford F-150

Ford F-150 - American Auto Brokers

Image via Flickr by Rich Anderson

Next up on our list of tailgating trucks that all San Antonio college football fans should consider is the powerful, versatile Ford F-150. This truck is no slouch and is perfect for fans who want to follow their team wherever the season may take them. When you choose the Super Cab version, you and five of your friends can easily ride to the game together, and, thanks to its 3,270-pound payload capacity, you can haul everything with you that you need for a fun-filled game day. With the Ford F-150, you’ll never worry about forgetting your tailgate items or leaving your football family behind again.

Dodge Ram 1500

When it comes to reliable tailgate trucks, last, but certainly not least, is the Dodge Ram 1500. This truck has been the premier choice for tailgate enthusiasts for quite some time, and for good reason. No matter which trim level you get, your towing capacity is always over 10,000 pounds. Plus, one of the best tailgate features the Ram has to offer are its signature Ram Boxes, which can be used to more easily store all of your game day equipment, from food and beverages to tents and chairs. Also, the enormous truck bed gives you all the space you’ll need to set up and host the perfect game day party. When you roll up in your Ram 1500, everyone will know you mean business.

Get the Trucks for Tailgating You Need

In San Antonio, tailgating during football season is a way of life. Grilling out with your friends before the games is an experience unlike any other, making the game itself that much more enjoyable. However, to tailgate in style, you need to get access to the best trucks for tailgating available, and these are some of your best bets.