Shelby? Baja? Raptor? Yes Please

Monster trucks don’t get more impressive than the latest Shelby Baja Raptor revealed recently by Shelby American. Bigger, it seems, is always better — as seen in this latest model. If it’s off-road grit and toughness you’re after, the latest Baja Raptor will not disappoint. If you love all things Ford F-150 Raptor, then you’re not going to want to miss reserving a test drive of this newest addition to the Raptor family. All raptor enthusiasts living in San Antonio, Texas, should really consider making a booking and test out this fun and amazing vehicle.

Image via Flickr by HighTechDad

Raptor Engine Specs

Why fix something that’s not broken? This is Shelby’s philosophy when it comes to releasing new cars. For them, it’s all about taking what’s already in the market, tweaking a few things, making it better, revamping, and ramping up to give a tougher, meaner model.


The engine in this latest Baja Raptor is similar to the one used in previous Raptor models. It is the 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6.

Improved Air Intake

The cold air intake has been improved, and an air filter with a higher flow has also been integrated. An aluminum intercooler and ECU tune are featured under the hood as well.

Resulting Horsepower and Torque

What you get from all this amazingness is 525 horsepower and an impressive 610 pound-feet worth of torque.

What Makes It Different From Past Models

If you want to be able to tell the difference between the new Shelby Baja Raptor and its predecessors, here are a few points to know.

Less Weight

This new Shelby weighs less than previous models, which is great, as this reduces fuel consumption and makes it one of the most fuel-efficient trucks on the market today.

Improved Suspension

The suspension has also been altered and now boasts a series of Fox shocks designed to improve performance. What we like about both the front-end 3-inch coil over reservoir shocks and the rear-end 3-inch reservoir shocks is the fact that they self-adjust and don’t require any tinkering on our part.

Alternative Tires

Tires have also been changed, and this Raptor model comes fitted with powerful 35-inch BF Goodrich KM2 tires.

More Lighting and Tow Points

One obvious way to distinguish two Raptors from each other is to look at the exterior. The newest addition to the Raptor family now has more LED lights at the front, as well as more tow points on both the front and back-end bumpers.

Interior Changes

When looking at the interior, changes made include a different type of leather used for the seats, addition of carbon fiber trim panels as well as new placement for the Shelby logo.

Be the First to Test Drive This

At a starting price of around $116,815, it’s clear to see that the Shelby Baja Raptor isn’t going to come cheap. However, for all these features and more, it’s a small price to pay. Want to know exactly what you’ll be paying for? Then be the first one in San Antonio to book a test drive today.