Come Alive on the Roads of San Antonio in the 2018 Ford F-150

The 2018 Ford F-150 is one of the most exciting trucks to come along in some time, featuring some nice upgrades and a mid-generation refresh that leaves it feeling like it’s a brand new truck. It still has the familiar undertones of America’s longest-lasting, top-selling truck, but with improved engine specs, updated interior materials, and a high level of customization, it’s unlike any other pickup on the road. Whether you’re cruising the city streets of San Antonio or navigating I-10, I-35, or US Highway 281, the F-150 is your way to come alive and enjoy the drive.


A Look at the GMC Sierra All Mountain Concept

The GMC Sierra 2500 HD is no stranger to the limelight, boasting rave reviews from critics and drivers alike about its engineering prowess and handsome exterior. When you add the fully loaded Denali package to it, the Sierra 2500 HD becomes a work of art with the soul of a tough and rugged workhorse. (more…)

San Antonio Drivers Beware: Mass Ford Truck Recall

Trucks and San Antonio go together like peanut butter and jelly, but if you drive a Ford F-150 or a Super Duty, you might want to pay attention. Ford announced it will be recalling over 1.3 million trucks for issues with the door latch. As in, the door might pop open while you are driving down the highway.

Why the Massive Recall?

According to Ford, the actuation cable that holds the door shut can become kinked or bent or the door latch can become frozen if water invades the latch. San Antonio might not be known for it’s freezing temperatures, but they do happen. You also might decide to venture north where freezing temperatures and snow are more likely to cause you problems with your door latch.

What this means is you could think your door is shut securely, but the door latch is not fully engaged. Which means you could be driving down route 10 and your door flies open. Not good news for anyone.

Which Trucks Are Affected?


Image via Flickr by truckhardware

If you are tooling around in a 2015-2017 Ford F-150 or a 2017 Super Duty truck, your truck might be part of the recall. A little over 1 million of the 1.3 million vehicles are in the U.S.; the remaining 240,000 are in Mexico and Canada.

Ford is not currently aware of any incidents that have caused injury to anyone, but if your door flies open at 70 mph, it would increase your risk of injury.

What Is the Fix?

To keep your doors tightly closed, Ford dealerships will install water shields over the door latches to prevent frozen latches. They will also do a thorough inspection of all cables for kinks, bends, or stress marks. The company is not sure when the parts will be available, so patience might become the order of the day if your truck is involved in the recall.

Since 2016, Ford has recalled over 5 million vehicles with door latch-related problems. The company says this new recall is not related to the previous problems, but it does speak to the number of fixes Ford is trying to come up with right now.

How Do I Know If My Truck Is Affected?

According to the press release, Ford will start notifying affected owners next month. If you drive one of these trucks, keep an eye on your mailbox for recall notices. If you are a bit impatient, you can visit and input your vehicle identification number to see if there are any recalls affecting your vehicle.

Ford plans on spending over 280 million dollars for this recall alone. If you find an issue with the door latch on your truck, take it right down to your local Ford dealer. Any repairs involving this recall or any previous recalls will be covered at no cost to you.

Recalls on your car or truck can be a scary thing. Stories of horrible wrecks and lengthy lawsuits litter the internet. If you are driving a 2015-2017 Ford F-150 or a 2017 Ford Super Duty truck, pay attention to your door latches. If you notice any problems, head to your dealership to get some help at no cost to you.

Shelby? Baja? Raptor? Yes Please

Monster trucks don’t get more impressive than the latest Shelby Baja Raptor revealed recently by Shelby American. Bigger, it seems, is always better — as seen in this latest model. If it’s off-road grit and toughness you’re after, the latest Baja Raptor will not disappoint. If you love all things Ford F-150 Raptor, then you’re not going to want to miss reserving a test drive of this newest addition to the Raptor family. All raptor enthusiasts living in San Antonio, Texas, should really consider making a booking and test out this fun and amazing vehicle.

Image via Flickr by HighTechDad

Raptor Engine Specs

Why fix something that’s not broken? This is Shelby’s philosophy when it comes to releasing new cars. For them, it’s all about taking what’s already in the market, tweaking a few things, making it better, revamping, and ramping up to give a tougher, meaner model.


The engine in this latest Baja Raptor is similar to the one used in previous Raptor models. It is the 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6.

Improved Air Intake

The cold air intake has been improved, and an air filter with a higher flow has also been integrated. An aluminum intercooler and ECU tune are featured under the hood as well.

Resulting Horsepower and Torque

What you get from all this amazingness is 525 horsepower and an impressive 610 pound-feet worth of torque.

What Makes It Different From Past Models

If you want to be able to tell the difference between the new Shelby Baja Raptor and its predecessors, here are a few points to know.

Less Weight

This new Shelby weighs less than previous models, which is great, as this reduces fuel consumption and makes it one of the most fuel-efficient trucks on the market today.

Improved Suspension

The suspension has also been altered and now boasts a series of Fox shocks designed to improve performance. What we like about both the front-end 3-inch coil over reservoir shocks and the rear-end 3-inch reservoir shocks is the fact that they self-adjust and don’t require any tinkering on our part.

Alternative Tires

Tires have also been changed, and this Raptor model comes fitted with powerful 35-inch BF Goodrich KM2 tires.

More Lighting and Tow Points

One obvious way to distinguish two Raptors from each other is to look at the exterior. The newest addition to the Raptor family now has more LED lights at the front, as well as more tow points on both the front and back-end bumpers.

Interior Changes

When looking at the interior, changes made include a different type of leather used for the seats, addition of carbon fiber trim panels as well as new placement for the Shelby logo.

Be the First to Test Drive This

At a starting price of around $116,815, it’s clear to see that the Shelby Baja Raptor isn’t going to come cheap. However, for all these features and more, it’s a small price to pay. Want to know exactly what you’ll be paying for? Then be the first one in San Antonio to book a test drive today.

7 Advantages to Spray Bedliners

You need to protect the bed of your beautiful new or cherished classic truck. The natural question is: spray-on or drop-in? If there was only one right answer, the free-market system would have eliminated the other option by now. Both choices have their good points. Drop-in liners are pre-formed plastic and installation is as easy as their name implies. Spray-on liners are applied like paint directly to the primed metal of the bed. Why are spray-on liners superior?

Universal Fit

custom truck bed - American Auto Brokers

Image via Flickr by czarcats

If you have an old truck, finding a drop-in liner will be tough (more…)

Hot Yet Practical: The 2018 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

Texan’s love their trucks, and while an SUV, Jeep’s 2018 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is sure to impress drivers in San Antonio. This new high-speed luxury Jeep is touts all weather capability, impressive handling for rough weather conditions, and head turning style both inside and out.

Hot Rod or Powerful Super Jeep?

Image via Flickr by automobileitalia

2018 grand cherokee trackhawk -

The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk sports a 707 horsepower, 6.2-liter, Hemi V-8 powerhouse, plus an enormous 2.38-liter supercharger, making this by far Jeep’s most (more…)

Be Wary of Lifting Your Truck

Aesthetically, having a lifted truck may be attractive, but with the cost, effect on drive quality, and decreased miles per gallon, there is more to consider than just how the truck looks. The cost of lifting your truck can be reasonably hefty. You’ll need to first source the parts and labor to do the custom job, which can result in a bill of thousands of dollars. It is imperative that trusted parts and labor are used, which comes with a higher cost, so that no unexpected part or work failure takes place.

Safety Testing and Collisions


Image via Flickr by dave_7

When a truck is lifted, the center of gravity of the vehicle is raised too. That may not sound very important, but it is — a higher center of gravity means that the car can roll over more easily, because the weight of the vehicle is farther off the ground. (more…)

Pack It All Into the 2017 Honda Pilot

You’ve grown up. You have a family and a lot of gear. Your schedule takes you all over San Antonio and beyond. For daily life and road trips to Corpus Christi or New Orleans, you need a great family vehicle, but you’re not into the minivan thing. Sliding doors just aren’t your style and you want a more rugged ride. You want all-wheel drive and towing capability. Honda built the 2017 Pilot just for you.

Built for the Family

pack it all into the 2017 honda pilot - American Auto Brokers

Image via Flickr by JD Hancock

The Pilot seats either seven or eight, depending on whether you choose a second row bench or bucket seats. Your family will love options like three zone climate control, panoramic glass roof, and satellite-linked navigation system. The Pilot comes with up to five USB ports, two headphone jacks, three 12-volt outlets, a 115-volt outlet, and an HDMI port. The 9-inch rear entertainment screen is both DVD and Blu-ray capable. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is now standard on every trim but the base model. Unlike many SUVs with three rows squeezed in, the back seats will accommodate full-sized adults or rapidly growing teenagers. The in-laws won’t complain about being stuffed back there. They’ll be comfortable in the optional leather-trimmed seats.


Remember the Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control technology that made the engines of the 1990s and early 2000 Hondas and Acuras so awesome? They were able to wring the most out of small displacements, resulting in both high redlines and improved fuel economy. That same VTEC is in the engine of your family hauler. The Pilot is powered by a 3.5 liter VTEC V6 engine that delivers 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. It gets from zero to 60 in six seconds flat. When you were a teen, that was fast. Now you can pull a sub-fifteen second quarter mile with the kids in back. The front-wheel drive Pilot will tow 3,500 pounds and the all-wheel drive version can tug 5,000 pounds. The AWD system features torque vectoring to help you dance through bendy roads. A six-speed automatic comes standard but you can step up to a nine-speed.


The base LX comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, a multi-angle rearview camera, and a second-row bench. Step up to the EX version and you’ll get remote start, a touch-screen audio system, three zone climate control, and Honda’s LaneWatch camera system. Looking for leather? Choose the EX-L trim. You’ll also get one-touch folding second row seats. You’ll have the choice of a rear entertainment system and the Honda Sensing suite of safety features. Honda Sensing comes standard on the Touring edition. You’ll also get the navigation system, 20-inch alloy wheels, and 9-speed automatic. Looking for the whole enchilada? Pick the Elite version. You’ll get automatic LED headlights, a panoramic roof, heated second row captain’s chairs, and blind spot monitoring. Whatever trim you choose, you’ll get the reliability and comfort of an Accord with the space and utility of an Oddyssey. Having a family doesn’t mean you can have fun driving. Investigate the 2017 Pilot and you’ll have plenty of excitement with your practicality.

4WD: How It Works

There are so many things to consider when shopping for a new car that it can really be kind of overwhelming. One of the most important factors is choosing the right drivetrain. Specifically, do you want two-wheel, four-wheel, or all-wheel drive? Many people don’t really know the difference between four-wheel and all-wheel drive. Read on to find out more about how these drivetrains work so you can make your next car purchase confidently.

All-Wheel Drive

All-wheel drive (or AWD) is a common feature on sporty cars that aren’t necessarily off-road vehicles. AWD is more common on small cars than it is on larger vehicles like a truck. A modern AWD system improves performance, handling, fuel efficiency, and safety. An AWD system provides power to all four wheels at the same time. The whole thing is controlled by an advanced computer system that does much more than just power the transfer case. An AWD system monitors and distributes the power for different drive conditions and situations. For instance, when making a turn at high speeds, the computer might transfer power to the inside wheels for added traction. It could also transfer power to your front wheels when driving down a steep incline. Basically, the torque for each wheel will vary to optimize performance for all types of driving. These systems are smart and intuitive. (more…)

Show San Antonio Your Power in the 2500 Power Wagon

When work and play call for power and performance, there is no substitute for a well-equipped, full-size truck. Whether you are on your way out of San Antonio, Texas, for an off road adventure or hauling full loads on the job, the 2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon exceeds expectations.

Strength on Display

The last thing you want from your truck is to fall short at a crucial moment. The 2017 Dodge Power Wagon provides torque and power to spare, giving you the muscle needed to face a wide range of driving conditions. The Ram’s highly capable design makes it a comfortable commuter, moving along I-10 at highway speeds. But there is nothing timid about the truck; it has the power to climb steep inclines and pull heavy loads. Equipped with a 6.4L Hemi V-8, the 2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon generates more than (more…)