Best Used Trucks for San Antonio Teens

As a parent in San Antonio, it can be pretty scary when your kids learn to drive. You want them to have their independence, but it’s natural to worry about their safety. Instead of getting them a regular car, you might want to look into buying a used truck. These solid machines offer much more protection than other types of vehicles, as the driver is kept high up and away from the impact zone. Furthermore, trucks are much easier to spot, so your teen will be at less risk of having someone suddenly cut them off. With that in mind, here are our top three picks for trucks that will do more than most to protect your teen in the event of an accident.

Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra - Best Used Trucks for Teens in San Antonio

Image via Flickr by Concavo Wheels

One of the two main types of truck offered by Toyota, the Tundra has always done well in safety tests. It copes well with both frontal and side collisions and comes with standard side air bags, certainly a sign that this truck was built with safety in mind. One thing to consider if you choose to buy a used Toyota Tundra is that many of its safety features were only introduced after 2007 when Toyota gave the truck a complete overhaul. Since then, the brand has kept up with the most recent government safety advice when it comes to making trucks, so if you go down the used route, the more recent the truck, the better.

Ford F-150

The F-150 has been a fixture of San Antonio roads for decades now, and for good reason — not only does it offer great performance, but it’s also remarkably safe. This has made it a popular choice for parents of San Antonio teens who want to be sure their kids are protected. As with the Tundra, all F-150s made since 2009 come with standard side air bags, and the truck itself was given the IIHS’s highest rating in all of the crash tests. If your teen should hit anything, the F-150 will give them the best chance of walking away from the accident with only a few bumps and bruises.

Honda Ridgeline

Our final pick comes from a company whose trucks are legendary — if you want some extra reassurance that your teen is fully protected, then the Honda logo is something to go by. The Honda Ridgeline’s power leather seats offer outstanding rear crash protection and head restraints, so if someone hits your teen from behind, they will likely be okay. Models built in 2012 or later also have superior roof strength, so even if the car flips over, your teen will have their head protected by a sturdy barrier positioned between them and anything they might hit. It’s a fact that teen drivers are the demographic most likely to get into an accident, so they need something that will protect them and keep them safe while driving in San Antonio. These three cars are the safest trucks on the market and make a great choice for a sweet sixteen’s gift.