6 Truck Accessories to Show Off in San Antonio

If you were to compare automobiles to horses, some parallels are obvious. For instance, you might think of sports cars as wild mustangs and luxury sedans as thoroughbred racehorses. But what about pickup trucks? You can choose to see your truck as a boring but reliable workhorse, or you can treat it with the level of awe reserved for a purebred Clydesdale. Enhance your truck’s image and performance with these six accessories to show off in San Antonio.

Custom Wheels

When tricking out your truck, custom wheels are a natural place to start. Ask around for advice about what style or size will work best for you, or do some research online. Changing the wheels can affect how your truck feels and looks, so it’s important to do your homework before upgrading.

Floor Mats

Truck Floor Mats - American Auto Brokers in San Antonio

Image via Flickr by truckhardware

Floor mats may not seem impressive in their own right, but they can save you from the embarrassing predicament of a muddy floor. Fitted floor mats, like the ones from WeatherTech or Husky Liners, protect your truck’s interior and make clean-up easier. No need to carry the dirt from your last off-roading trip along on date night. You could even match your floor mats to some custom seat covers.


A bedliner does for your truck’s bed what floor mats do for its interior. A spray-in bedliner provides an extra layer of protection to keep your truck in good condition no matter what you put it through. It’s a practical addition that allows you to work your truck hard without worrying about whether it will still clean up nicely when you want it to. While you’re at it, consider adding a tailgate protector as well.

Heavy-Duty Hitch

If you want to get the most out of your truck, a heavy-duty hitch is a good investment. Not only will the right hitch help you tackle tough towing jobs, but it will allow you to show off any other toys you can pull behind your truck — whether that means a camper, a pair of ATVs, or a boat.

Tonneau Cover

Speaking of toys and recreation, those who use their truck bed primarily to haul around sport gear, camping supplies, construction tools, or other equipment may benefit from a tonneau cover. These locking covers will shelter your truck bed (and anything in it) from the elements, turning it into a safe storage area and sparing you endless hours of repetitive loading and unloading.

Satellite Radio

Last but not least, don’t forget to beef up your truck’s entertainment options with satellite radio. Satellite radio offers more variety than a few CDs or even your iPod, with over 150 talk and music channels. It also avoids the biggest drawback of FM radio, which requires you to keep switching stations as you travel in and out of range. Between free trials and special offers, satellite radio can be a fun and affordable upgrade. Before your next drive around San Antonio, prepare your truck to make a statement by adding a few of these accessories. After all, why should you settle for any old workhorse when you could have a Clydesdale?