6 Accessories You Need on Your Truck

In all likelihood, your pickup truck already came standard with plenty of bells and whistles, but what if adding a few accessories could make your life a bit better? With the right combination of accessories, you can turn your pickup into a customized vehicle that’s ready to take on the world.

Grille Guard

Grille Guard

Image via Flickr by rb3wreath

One of the first accessories truck enthusiasts usually end up adding is a grille guard. Not only can grille guards improve your truck’s appearance, but they also offer extra protection to your grille, headlights, front bumper, paint job, radiator, and engine. Just think how much damage you can experience during something as simple as a fender bender. A grille guard deflects this damage by absorbing the impact so your truck doesn’t have to.

Wheel Splash Guards

Another popular truck accessory, wheel splash guards, are one of the cheapest and most functional ways of customizing your ride. Also known as mud guards or flaps, wheel splash guards protect vehicles behind your truck from mud, sand, rocks, or gravel that could be thrown up by the tires. Splash guards come in a variety of styles, many of them quite comical, so this is a great chance to add some personality to your vehicle.

Running Boards

Sitting up high is one of the perks of driving a truck, but getting in and out isn’t always the easiest task. Running boards make this task simple by providing an extra step beneath the doors, which really comes in handy when you have kids, a shorter spouse, or you simply prefer to add an extra safety measure for yourself. Some models even automatically fold up and down.

Heavy-Duty Trailer Hitch

If you plan to do a lot of hauling, a heavy-duty trailer hitch is a must. Let’s face it, trucks are built for towing, so you want to make sure yours is properly equipped to handle its maximum towing capacity. A hitch is a device mounted on the truck that connects to a trailer, allowing you to pull everything from small utility trailers to fifth wheel RVs, depending on your towing capacity. In the truck enthusiast’s world, this accessory is essential.

Spray-On Bedliner

Opting for a urethane-based spray-in bedliner provides your truck with an extra-tough coating that protects the bed from any type of abuse. This is especially necessary if you tend to haul a lot of cargo, from a load of mulch to heavy furniture. Having a spray-in bedliner not only protects against scratches, but it’s also easy to clean with a hose or pressure washer.

Custom Floormats

When you own a pickup, you’re not afraid to get it dirty. Regardless of how hard your truck works outside, you don’t have to track all that dirt, sand, and snow all over your carpeted floorboards. Custom floormats make fun, functional additions to your truck that keep the carpet underneath looking like new. The possibilities for accessorizing your truck are endless. Research your options carefully to make sure you’re getting the best custom accessories that suit your truck-driving lifestyle.