5 Aftermarket Upgrades Your Truck Needs

No matter what truck you buy, you can always improve it with a few aftermarket upgrades. If you need to focus on the most important upgrades, choose these options first.

Bed Liner

If your truck doesn’t come with a bed liner, then you should purchase one and have it installed before you plan to do any serious work. Your truck’s metal liner gets exposed to a lot of potentially dangerous materials like metal and rocks. Anything you put in the back of your truck could scratch the metal. Installing a bed liner gives you a layer of defense from scratches. Instead of worrying about whether a job will damage your truck bed, you can go about your day confidently.

Tool Box

Pickup Truck Tool Box - American Auto Brokers

Image via Flickr by DiamondBack Truck Covers

A lot of people buy trucks because they need them for work. If that work involves using tools, then you should purchase an aftermarket tool box to keep everything organized and safe. There are many different types of tool boxes you can buy for your truck. Some of the most popular designs include top mount boxes, rail top boxes, and side mount boxes. Explore these and other designs to decide which one is best for your tools.


If you only drive on paved roads, then you probably don’t need aftermarket shocks for your truck. If you ever head off-road, though, you’ll need specially designed shocks that will improve the truck’s handling and comfort. External reservoir shocks will give you the biggest improvement. Their lightweight designs stay cool even on extremely bumpy roads. Their seals are also less likely to leak after a rough ride. Not surprisingly, external reservoir shocks are also the most expensive option. If you need a cheaper option, choose gas-filled mono-tube shocks.

Tires and Wheels

Replacing factory wheels with aftermarket wheels can give you a few more inches of clearance, which comes in handy when you’re driving on a trail or work site. Getting new wheels also gives you a good excuse to buy aftermarket tires that can handle difficult terrain. Aftermarket wheels and tires have to fit your truck perfectly to avoid performance problems. A wheel that’s too big, for instance, can force your tire’s sidewall tub rub against the fender. Make sure you choose an experienced professional who can help you choose wheels and tires that match your truck’s design.

Intake Manifold

Internal combustion engines like the one in your truck mix fuel and air to create energy. Without plenty of clean air, your fuel won’t burn, which means your truck can’t go anywhere. Truck manufacturers install intake manifolds that suck air into the engine so it can work properly. Most trucks come with intake manifolds that work well enough for the average driver. If you want to improve your truck’s fuel efficiency and boost its power, though, you’ll need an aftermarket intake manifold that not only injects more air into the engine but cleans the air to prevent dirt from causing problems. You have plenty of options when upgrading your truck. As long as you choose good aftermarket parts, your truck’s performance and comfort will improve immediately.