3 Best Trucks to Take Camping in San Antonio

Many people enjoy getting away from it all on weekends, and vacations and camping are economical ways to do that. But camping around San Antonio is a little different from being on your own in the wilds. You want a truck that can handle itself in city driving as well as on country roads. You want towing power and good fuel economy. Here are a few trucks that can handle both the rugged outdoors and the bustling city.

Ford F-250

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Image via Flickr by Gordon Watt

This is a truck with some serious towing capacity. The F-250’s 6.7-liter diesel V-8 and its 18,000-pound tow rating — with a fifth-wheel hitch — can handle a camper, boat, trailer, or a cart in which to fasten the person who asks, “Are we there yet?” first. The extended mirrors and telescoping trailer tow improve visibility and towing. Bed dimensions are an impressive 81.6 inches x 98.4 inches. This truck gets about 15 mpg in the city. With trailer sway control (TSC) on the AdvanceTrac®with Roll Stability Control™(RSC®) system, you can maintain trailer control through the system’s selective braking and adjusted engine power. This gives you greater stability and driver confidence when you’re towing large loads. The F-250 transports your five-person group in comfort. With a four-door cab option, your passengers will enjoy the trip even if you decide to go all the way to Seminole Canyon.

Chevy Avalanche

Is it an SUV or is it a truck? The answer is yes. With a towing capacity of 5,100 pounds, it can haul the gear you need for a camping trip. The truck bed dimensions are smaller than a pick-up, but there’s still plenty of room for gear; the bed measures 50.0 inches x 63.3. The Avalanche’s roomy interior is built on GM’s long wheel-base chassis that it shares with the Cadillac Escalade and the Chevy Suburban. The Chevy gets 15 city, 21 highway miles per gallon and comfortably seats five adults. While Chevy discontinued the truck in 2013, you’ll probably still be able to find one on the used car market.

Chevy Silverado

With slightly better fuel efficiency than the other two on this list, the Silverado is also the most expensive at $45,000, pleasantly appointed. Its towing capacity is around 12,000 pounds, and it offers one of the best fuel economies for its tow rating among light-duty pick-ups. There’s ample seating for five, a four-door cab option, and a well-appointed interior with optional leather seats. The six-foot, six-inch bed is standard in the double cab, with an eight-foot bed in the regular cab model. The Silverado also boasts an infotainment option with MyLink and an eight-inch touchscreen for those in your party who just can’t seem to unplug. If you’re serious about camping, you want a vehicle that can hold its own. You don’t want something that looks good on the road but fails on the off-road fun. You also don’t want something that is a workhorse but rides like one too. These trucks will get you there in style and comfort.